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  • The Bodymechanix Base Camp is a wiki-like knowledgebase that provides therapists with essential information on assessment and treatment.
  • Although each of our sections could stand by itself, the real value of this knowledgebase lies in interlinking them.
  • This helps you realize how what you see, palpate and test for causes the problems your client is complaining about.
  • Learn more about our various sections below.

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The Sections

In this accordion you will find an overview over the existing and upcoming chapters of this site.

The icons to the left of them give you some indication as to the state of their development.

As the site is continuously growing, those icons will change as well.

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Everything is interlinked

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How to use the site

Range Of Motion (ROM)

Learn to safely conduct ROM of all major joints, 100s of practical tips, sections include

  • Active Range of MotionAROM
  • Passive Range of MotionPROM
  • Resisted Range of Motion – RROM
  • Tissues involved – an indication of which muscles are performing the movement, which muscles will be stretched, which tissues will be stretched, which tissues will be compressed, what joints are involved and which joints are likely to compensate if a praticular joint is malfunctioning



Practical Tips

100s of random practical tips and trips for your clinical practice Topics covering assessment, treatment, clinic management and much more!11344onward

iSAW Blog

Our iSAW blog will keep you up to date with recent developments in the massage field and of course also with what is happening on our site.

Case Studies

A close look at some real life cases, the symptoms, assessment, treatment and rehabilitation 13679onward

Skeletal Muscles

  • A list of some 130 muscles in alphabetical order, with information on their actions and attachments
  • Check out the muscles grouped by their actions around joints


Postural Observations11853

  • Postural observations not only have you look at the body from left, right and center but will also explain common postural deviations.
  • The information in this chapter will help you if you are just stuck for the moment because you see something that is not quite right and you are not sure as to how it actually should look.
  • Or you might want to find out what is the likely cause of a particular distortion.
  • Or maybe you are interested in the bigger picture and want to see how the head can be out of alignment due to problems with the feet.
  • In any (and more) cases you have come to the right place. Link what you see with what caused it to be like that and go off and treat it!


  • anterior view
  • posterior view
  • lateral view
  • postural conditions affecting part or the whole body
  • links between muscular imbalance and postural distortion



  • Over 100 stretches for individual muscles and muscle groups.
  • Useful for yourself and for client education


Neuromuscular Therapy

  • Appliend NMT techniques and evaluations
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about trigger points – and more!


  • 100s of links to interesting websites and videos
  • We do the preselection for you.
  • Also useful downloadable resources like ROM charts, client interview forms, etc.


Strengthening exercises

  • Over 100 strengthening exercises for individual muscles and muscle groups.
  • Useful for client education

Strengthening exercises

  • 100s of useful tips for Clinic Management


Overview over anatomy for bodyworkers with an emphasis on the musculoskeletal and nervous systems


Overview over physiology for bodyworkers with an emphasis on the musculoskeletal and nervous systems


Overview over physiology for bodyworkers with an emphasis on the musculoskeletal and nervous systems

User Forum

  • We want to know what you know – share your skills
  • Our planned user forum will give you an opportunity to share your best treatment tips and successes with others!

Annapurna base camp, clouds rising up Machupuchare
Nepal, October 1984


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